Tudor Place

Lives Measured in the Garden: “As Time Goes By”

June 13, 2014

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In the tradition of his grandmother, Britannia Peter Kennon, the third owner of Tudor Place cherished the labors and traditions of the estate’s landscape. Britannia inherited the property from its founders, her parents. Her grandson Armistead Peter, Jr., honored these forebears and in many ways measured out his own life by following the garden’s rhythms and answering its demands. This essay by Archivist Wendy Kail traces inter-generational change within the Peter family through diaries, notes, and the natural history of Tudor Place.

SHOWN ABOVE. L to R: Anne Peter, Armistead Jr.’s granddaughter; a mid 20th-century view of the Box Knot rose garden, where time’s passing registers on the face of a sun dial from Crossbasket Castle; and a view from the South Lawn, which served the early owners as pasture and hay field.

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