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Tudor Place Celebrates 30 Years of Open Doors

March 14, 2018
CONTACT Communications Coordinator 202.580.7329 | press@tudorplace.org Time sleeps and his scythe is broken for those who live in this house. — Armistead Peter 3rd, last private owner of Tudor Place Washington, DC –The house and garden at Tudor Place suggest a timelessness that is only partly accurate. As an estate, it’s survived more than two […]

An Illuminated Christmas, 1914

November 30, 2017
New Holiday Installation Recalls the Mansion’s First Electrified Winter In December 1914, the Peters of Tudor Place and their servants returned after a long absence to a newly renovated mansion, just in time for Christmas. For the museum’s 2017 holiday installation, Curator Grant Quertermous has recreated that moment when family traditions met the novelties of […]

New Installation: Home for the Holidays – Christmas, 1945

November 21, 2016

Tudor Place Family Hero: George Peter and the War of 1812

September 12, 2016
In the state of Maryland, every September 12 is Defenders Day, commemorating a crucial American victory in the War of 1812. The Battle of Fort McHenry helped reverse American losses and also inspired a British prisoner’s poem that became our national anthem. It also recalls a hero with ties to Tudor Place who, less than a month before, had defied U.S. Army […]

Orator and Advocate Francis Scott Key & the Partner’s Desk

January 4, 2015
By Tudor Place Curator of Collections Erin Kuykendall Francis Scott Key (1779 – 1843) was considered a great patriot in his lifetime. On a diplomatic mission during the War of 1812 to secure the release of an American prisoner, the eloquent lawyer witnessed the fierce September 1814 attack by British Admirals Cockburn and Cochrane on […]

Lives Measured in the Garden: “As Time Goes By”

June 13, 2014
· Family and Friends · In the tradition of his grandmother, Britannia Peter Kennon, the third owner of Tudor Place cherished the labors and traditions of the estate’s landscape. Britannia inherited the property from its founders, her parents. Her grandson Armistead Peter, Jr., honored these forebears and in many ways measured out his own life by following […]