Tudor Place

Speakers Bureau

Schedule an in-depth talk by Tudor Place museum Curator Grant Quertermous or staff expert at Tudor Place or offsite. for information about scheduling a lecture, contact us, 202.965.0400 ext. 115.

Scheduling requires one month's advance notice. Venues should have an electrical power source and screen for PowerPoint projection.

Lecture Fee: $300 per lecture; advance deposit of $100 required. Final payment due 2 weeks prior to the event. Where staff travel is required, additional fees may apply. (Timely notice of cancellation is required for deposit refund.)


Introduction to Tudor Place and the Peter Family

Learn the history of Tudor Place and its residents. For six generations the residents lived, worked and played in Georgetown as the new District of Columbia grew around this historic estate.

Collection Focus: The Washington Legacy Lives at Tudor Place

As the granddaughter of Martha Washington, Martha Peter cherished the objects she inherited from her grandmother. Learn more about the unparalleled collection of  Washington items ranging from ceramics and furniture to rare personal letters.

Buying Local: Georgetown and DC Craftsmen

Examine furniture, silver, and household objects acquired by the Peter family from local artisans in the 19th and 20th century. Objects, and, in many cases, their accompanying receipts, help tell a more complete story of life on the property and how the city of Washington grew up around it.

Generations of Service: The Peter Family in the United States Military

Focus on stories and artifacts recalling six generations of an American family in wartime, abroad and at home.

Out of Sight: Early 20th Century Domestic Service at Tudor Place

Through surviving photographs and archival records, learn about the experience of Tudor Place’s early 20th century domestic servants. Learn how the estate’s workers and staff fulfilled their important roles while remaining largely out of sight.

Making a Modern Woman: Caroline Ogden-Jones Peter

Judo, Paris, haute couture, and the Red Cross all define the many facets of the life of Caroline Peter, the wife of the last private owner of Tudor Place Armistead Peter 3rd.

Making a Modern Woman: Agnes Peter

Growing up with four brothers, learning to drive in 1918, marrying for love at the age of 73 and a life of service define Agnes Peter.

The Great War: WWI Service of the Peter Family

Learn how the Peter family tradition of military service continued though the 20th century with the Great War and how the residents of Tudor Place supported the war effort right here in Washington DC.

Armistead Peter 3rd in the South Pacific

Aboard the USS Mount Olympus Armistead Peter 3rd witnessed the war in the Pacific theater. Learn about his experiences through the correspondence he sent to family members at home as well as sketches and drawings he completed during his tour.

The Artistic Career of Armistead Peter 3rd

A skilled artist, Armistead Peter 3rd received formal artistic training in Paris in 1921-22 and went on to exhibit at the National Academy of Design in New York and held several watercolor exhibitions here in Washington during an artistic career that spanned over fifty years.

From Pierce to Harley

Learn about the family’s transition from horse drawn carriages and coachmen to motor vehicles and chauffeurs. Hear about the various vehicles owned by the Peter family including their five Pierce-Arrow touring cars and a 1916 Harley-Davidson.