Tudor Place

Collaborations & Awards

To advance the museum’s mission to preserve the buildings, collections, and landscape, Tudor Place relies on grant-funded excavations undertaken by archaeologists knowledgeable in the material culture of the Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake region.

In June 2012, the District of Columbia Office of Planning’s Historic Preservation Office awarded Tudor Place its annual Award for Excellence in Archaeology. The museum was commended for going “above and beyond to identify, manage, and preserve the estate’s buried historical record,” through completion of the 20120 Phase I Survey undertaken in partnership with Dovetail Cultural Resource Group. Dovetail specialists and other professionals engaged by Tudor Place abide by the Code of Ethics stipulated by the Society of Historical Archaeology and by the Society of American Archaeology’s Principles of Archaeological Ethics. Each team works collaboratively with the Tudor Place Director of Preservation, the Buildings and Grounds Committee, and the Curator, as well as local authorities such as the District of Columbia’s State Historic Preservation Officer and Archaeologist, to hone research questions, prioritize areas of excavation, identify artifacts, recommend and implement conservation treatments, and share findings with the public and scholarly community. The museum also encourages its 21st-century neighbors on adjoining properties to work collaboratively with the museum so that structures or artifacts associated with the original 8½-acre estate purchased by Martha and Thomas Peter can be incorporated into the museum’s Collection and documentation.  

Tudor Place is grateful for the support and expertise provided by the following collaborators:

DATA Investigations, LLC 1759 Tindall Point Lane Gloucester Point, VA 23062 District of Columbia State Historic Preservation Office 1100 4th Street, SW, Suite E650 Washington, DC 20024 Dovetail Cultural Resource Group, Inc. 300 Central Road, Suite 200 Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum and Gardens Department of Preservation, including Dennis Pogue, former Director of Preservation, Esther White, Director of Historic Preservation, and Eleanor Breen, Deputy Director of Archaeology John Milner Associates, Inc. 5250 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 300 Alexandria, VA 22312 University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation Building 145, College Park, Maryland 20742