Tudor Place
  • Acquisitions, Care, and Conservation

The Collection

With an object collection representing every period of the estate’s occupation since 1805, Tudor Place is a time capsule of culture. Its 15,000-plus objects span three centuries and include a range of cultural touchstones from Martha and George Washington’s personal items to Asian and European decorative arts, musical instruments, garden implements, weaponry, 20th-century couture, and a 1919 automobile. In domestic furnishings alone, the Collection encompasses an extensive aggregation of early American silver, porcelain and ceramics from Europe and Asia.

While most house museums reflect the tastes and styles of one era, Tudor Place’s nearly encyclopedic accumulation reflects more than 200 years of American social, political, and economic history. Most of the collection is associated with the residents of Tudor Place or close family members, and nearly a third is displayed in the Landmark House. The intimate rooms of Tudor Place exhibit a constellation of decorative arts, fine art, and household furnishings, inviting guests to imagine life in the past. In its contents and the rich Archive that informs them, the object collection is a rich resource for students, scholars, and enthusiasts.