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Enslaved and Free

  • Enslaved Labor and Building the Smithsonian
    November 27, 2013
    · Enslaved and Free · Historian Mark Auslander details the roles of enslaved workers in building the original Smithsonian “castle.” Some of the slave workers involved labored at Maryland quarries owned by Peter family members and had roots in enslaved families owned by First Lady Martha Custis Washington, who bequeathed 90 such “dower slaves” to Martha ...
  • Free and Enslaved in Early 19th-Century Georgetown: Mapping African-American Community Ties
    November 10, 2013
    · Enslaved and Free · Building on prior research commissioned by Tudor Place, a 2012-2013 project funded by the D.C. Humanities Council sheds new light on the lives of free and enslaved African-Americans in the early 1800s in Georgetown and the region, a period in which economic forces led to sales of many enslaved individuals. ...
  • The Slavery Code of the District of Columbia
    November 9, 2013
    · Enslaved and Free · Held in the Library of Congress, this comprehensive compendium reprises the full text, judicial decisions, and commentary on regulations governing slavery in the District and Maryland up until D.C. Emancipation in 1862. View the document « Return to Topic
  • District of Columbia Emancipation Act
    November 9, 2013
    · Enslaved and Free · Held in the National Archives and signed on April 16, 1862, the law required the release from bondage of “ all persons held to service or labor within the District of Columbia by reason of African descent,” and the manner in which their owners, if willing to swear allegiance to the ...
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