Tudor Place

I am awed at the way you keep the kids' interest and maintain their enthusiasm throughout the trip. You are able to explain the messy and difficult historical concepts at exactly the appropriate maturity level. The kids learn so much from your tours and I did too.

---A Parent Chaperone

Ask us about content-rich adventures for pre-K and up meeting National Standards of Learning and Standards of Learning for D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Special needs programming available. (We also host Scouts.)


$3 per student

Programs can accommodate 5 to 40 students, which includes free entry for 2 teachers/chaperones per class. (Additional adults: $2 each.) A $25 deposit is requested at the time of booking and counts toward the total cost, with balance due on the day of the program.

Free bus transportation may be provided for Title I schools while grant capacity lasts - ask us when you apply for a date!

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Reduce Your Footprint

NEW (insignia)

Grade 3-8
Program length · 2 hours

From flower planters created out of unused hat stands to a gadget for recycling soap, students encounter the many ways the Peter family of Tudor Place reduced waste by reusing, repurposing, and recycling materials. Enjoy a combination tour of the historic house and garden, then return to the repurposed garage (now a classroom) where students create their own pencil box out of repurposed materials.

Teacher resources in development.

Storytime in the Garden

Pre-K - Grade 1
Program length · 1 ½ hours

Students are invited to explore Tudor Place's magnificent 5½ acre garden. This is an exploratory program that promotes sensory learning and development. Students enjoy an interactive storytime, then observe a variety of plants, flowers, and wildlife. A watercolor lesson completes the program.

Code Green: Garden Detectives


Grades 2 - 5
Program length · 1 ½ - 2 hours

Students become garden detectives as they explore 5 ½ acres of historic gardens in search of plants, animals and other wildlife. During their detective hunt students learn the principles of photosynthesis and plant development through scientific investigation. After the tour, students create their own 3-D plants to take home.

Shaping a Nation


Grades 4 - 8
Program length · 2 hours

During an interactive tour of the historic mansion, students explore the Revolutionary War, the first presidency, and the shaping of the Federal City. Following the tour, students create their own museum exhibitions, using reproductions of primary sources from the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Tudor Time Travels: Art and Architecture


Grades 3 - 8
Program length · 2 hours

Students examine Neoclassical art and architecture during an interactive tour of the historic mansion. The tour provides students with a better understanding of the contributions of ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture to early America. After the tour, students create columns from recycled materials, as well as their own gold leaf embellishment to take home.

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Historical Detectives

Grades 2 - 6
Program length · 1 ½ hours

Students become History Detectives during an interactive tour of the historic mansion, examining artifacts to understand how life changed in Washington, D.C., from 1800 to modern times. After the tour, students create their own reproduction artifacts.

Download the Teacher Resource Packet:

Explore the Civil War

Grades 4 – 12
Program length · 2 hours

Travel back 150 years to the Civil War with this program. Tour the National Historic Landmark and its historic Georgetown neighborhood and find out about life in the nation's capital through stories of local residents, soldiers, and enslaved and free African-Americans.