Tudor Place


Learn how Tudor Place educators go into classrooms, both locally and, through a pilot webinar initiative, in distant states. In single visits or year-long collaborations, Tudor Place provides curricula that incorporate primary source analysis, language arts, and other skills. Students expand their knowledge while enhancing learning capacity in keeping with local and national Standards of Learning.

For teachers and schools seeking multi-platform teaching of history that engages students and supports the development of learning skills, the museum’s year-long school-classroom collaborations provide rich learning experiences. Students make regular visits to the historic site, giving them a sense of knowing and “owning” the place and its stories, and museum staff go into the classroom, in return. Distance-learning versions of these programs will also soon be available, using web-based technology to connect students directly to the historic site. These experiential learning collaborations have been shown to improve test scores, advance problem-solving, and develop critical thinking. In a Tudor Place partnership, museum educators work with teachers throughout the year to shape and implement curricula that meets national standards by incorporating playwriting and performance arts into the learning of history. Through blogging, students also foster their writing skills and technological abilities.  

Learning history through the study of primary sources at Tudor Place is a highly effective complement to classroom learning. Exposure to the fundamental skills of public speaking and acting and having the opportunity to perform is another feature of the program that we really appreciate. I look forward to our continued collaboration.

— STEVE DINGLEDINE 5th Grade Teacher, Stoddert Elementary School Washington, DC
  To learn more about bringing Tudor Place Partnerships to your school, contact Director of Education Hillary Rothberg, 202.965.0400 ext 110.