Tudor Place

Third Century ยท Preserve an Architectural Treasure

The National Historic Landmark has reached a turning point: Only modern systems can protect it.

Tudor Place lacks essential fire-suppression and its mechanical, electrical, plumbing and security systems are outdated. Upgrades planned will increase the site’s efficiency and shrink its environmental footprint while protecting house, collection, and archive. Replacing the century-old steam heating system will remove temperature and humidity threats. Updating 1914 electrical wiring will meet modern energy and safety standards. And a fire suppression system will avert catastrophe.

A Plan to Protect and Preserve

The Master Preservation Plan will:

  • Replace the 1914 mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in the house and the historic garage with efficient and environmentally sustainable 21st-century systems.
  • Install advanced fire-detection and -suppression and state-of-the-art security systems.
  • Conserve and restore interior finishes – wall coverings, window treatments, and architectural elements.
  • Conserve collections and archival objects in the house in climate-controlled conditions for study and display.
  • Make historic spaces available for education and display by removing administrative functions from the library, radio control room, cellar, and a servant bedroom and interpreting them as they were used by the Peter family.

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