Tudor Place

Mission & Vision

The Tudor Place mission is to bring people closer to their own stories and the American story …

Mission Statement

To bring people closer to their own stories and the American story by connecting them to history, culture, and domestic life in the nation’s capital, as embodied in the Tudor Place estate and the collections of the Custis-Peter family from the 18th through the 20th centuries.

Vision Statement

Advancing national and cultural awareness by exploring America’s past.

Values Statement

Tudor Place Historic House and Garden connects the public to American history through the personal experiences of those who lived and worked on the estate and encourages everyone to know their own story and recognize their role in shaping history.

In so doing it:

  • Maintains the highest standards of scholarship ensuring clarity and accuracy in historical interpretation
  • Engages in the best contemporary practice for conservation of buildings, grounds, archives, and collections
  • Commits to excellence in learning experiences for adults and children
  • Provides visitors with a better understanding of the past and people's ability to shape the course of history
  • Practices sustainable stewardship of the landscape and structures
  • Collaborates with other cultural and historical institutions
  • Acts as a responsible neighbor to Georgetown residents, merchants, and fellow not-for-profit institutions
  • Serves the greater Washington community and informs national and international audiences
  • Maintains museum standards of excellence in its operations and governance
  • Functions entrepreneurially and is fiscally responsible and financially sustainable